When do we get “Old”

It’s often said that “age is but a number” and “you’re only as old as you feel”. These cliches might sound trite but they’re actually quite accurate. Think about the 50+ year old athletic types who can run circles around the 30 something couch potatoes. Their lifestyle choices have essentially made them able to live in a way that is optimal for their age.

Aging depends on two main factors – your genetics and your lifestyle. Now, there’s not much we can do to affect the genetics we’re born with. There is a little bit but we’ll cover that later. Despite what you might think your genetics do not ultimately define you when it comes to aging.

Although DNA continues to mutate throughout your life, you do have the power to change your lifestyle – and that is where you can stop being “old” before your time. For example, I met a highly successful (business-wise) young man who owned a thriving business. Unfortunately he was also highly stressed.

He was only 30, but his hair was unhealthy, graying and very thin. He had several adverse health conditions and looked like he was 50. Why was this? Because of improper lifestyle choices. On the flip-side I know a mother who is in her mid-50s and looks nearly 2 decades younger because of her lifestyle of exercise, positive mindset and nutrition.

Your lifestyle will affect how well you age tremendously. Your calendar age (to do with your birth date) is not the same as your biological age (how much damage your body has taken and how young you feel).

You can’t do anything about your calendar age but you CAN about your biological age which is much more important anyway. The point is that if you start early and work hard, you can reach 70 years of age but have the biological clock of a 55 year old.

The beauty industry and the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that it’s chiefly through paying for their products that this can be achieved. It’s a lie, but it’s a lie worth billion. They can help, but it’s far from the end all-be all of anti-aging.

This category will show you that your actions are a better, more economically sensible choice for stopping the aging process and feeling younger today.


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