The Anti-Aging Industry

The anti-aging industry is a billion dollar industry. Creams, supplements, gadgets, treatments, spa’s, diets, therapists – there are so many things promoted to make you look and feel younger.

Really though, you need to spend very little money to feel and look young. The products mentioned are usually to do with correcting the outside signs of aging – creams to reduce wrinkles for example.

In this way you’re not actually helping slow the aging process or even improving your biological clock, you’re simply treating a problem on the surface and not at the source. It is always better to prevent the symptoms rather than treat them and that is the theme of this book- prevention through good lifestyle.

The skin is seven layers deep and this means that many of those expensive treatments only go on the first layer (which conveniently sheds often and forces you to repeat the treatment).

If you are only paying attention to the topmost layers, the deepest ones get minimal attention and the problem simply gets worse over time no matter how much effort you put into the top layer. The skin regenerates itself at an approximately 24 hour rate.

Each layer of cells replaces itself at a slightly different rate but the entire tissue sheds within a day or so which is why you’ll see your sunburn start to peel – the damaged layers are coming off so the fresh skin underneath is visible. This is why skin creams aren’t the most effective anti-aging strategy – they never reach to the deeper layers of the skin.

Creams will not help you much, other than as a bonus, if you’re not treating your skin from the inside out. The most marketed product you’ll probably see contains collagen and this exists in the deeper layers where it’s formed.

It’s much more efficient (and cheaper!) to optimise the body’s collagen production than to cover your skin with expensive products while your innermost skin layers continue to lose their collagen. Again, don’t get the wrong idea, these products can help but they are only supplements, the bulk of the work is done from within.

Many beauty products are also produced by the pharmaceutical industry. With big pharmacy companies it’s in their vested interest to keep us hooked on prescription medication and miracle creams to make as much money as possible. If they simply told us the ultimate solution to anti-aging they’d be out of money.

We live in a world where we are constantly dealing with the SYMPTOMS not the cause of disease. In fact the NIH (national institute of health) in the USA only spends 0.06% of its budget on antiaging (preventative area of study). Why would you trust an industry that doesn’t have your best interests at heart?

Hippocrates is often quoted as being the founder of modern medicine. Even today doctors recite the Hippocratic Oath as part of their licensure. Did you know that Hippocrates didn’t advocate using medication? “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Obviously, carry on using any necessary medication you do need but here’s the point I want to make.

The quote doesn’t sound like “let your prescription pills cure your problems” at all. The thing that we often forget in the modern era of ‘miracle’ pills is that many of the original treatments people used thousands of years ago were effective. We also forget that an unhealthy lifestyle shouldn’t be fixed with a pill.

We refined the process of symptom relief into pill form where the emphasis is sometimes more on marketing than on health. Why would you want to be a customer when you can get the same, sometimes more effective, treatment from your own kitchen?

Modern medicine is amazing but the point is that if you make healthy choices early and consistently, your likelihood of needing medicine later is vastly reduced.

Your health is your priority, and when it comes to slowing the aging process it’s you, not the industry, who has your best interests at heart. By educating yourself about what causes the symptoms of aging you can know how to prevent them and even reverse them through the right lifestyle choices.

Don’t be tempted to believe in ‘wonder products’ which will solve everything. Don’t be tempted into thinking they are the main choice. They’re not all bad but they’re often just bad value for money. The bulk of anti-aging is inexpensive or free. Take control of your aging and see vastly better results.


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