Home Plan For Improved Aging

Having established that aging is predominantly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle it’s time to do something about it. So where do you start? Well let’s start with the beginning of the day, what do you do? Probably you’re going to get up and head to work.

The first thing you should consider is having a cold shower. Cold showers have been shown to have a variety of different health benefits. For starters a cold shower increases peripheral circulation, and can improve mental clarity.

It quite literally shocks your system awake in the morning. It’s normal for this to sound absolutely horrifying, however, the practice stems from a time before we were given the luxury of choosing a hot shower.

Yogi’s and many of those who aspire to ancient eastern mysticism swear by cold water. Science supports the fact, with studies showing that cold showers can strengthen the immune system, flush toxins from the skin, stimulate the circulatory system, and will keep your skin elastic and glowing.

Remember to moisturize after the shower with a natural oil like grapeseed or coconut oil so that your skin is properly hydrated. Furthermore, don’t push yourself too hard – just do what you can.

I started off with 30 seconds at a time and can now shower indefinitely at the lowest heat setting (which is really cold by the way!)

Once you’re awake it’s a great idea to start your day with some yoga or meditation. The reason for this is that by doing so you’ll set the tone for the rest of your day. Think about what sort of stress you might encounter and accept it before letting it ruin your day.

If you can simply let it go. During this time if you can do both yoga and meditation it will help your body by stretching it so you’re physically ready for the day and mentally stretching through meditation.

We’ve already talked about the anti-aging choice of both these things so it’s a good idea to include them in your day. If you can’t fit them in at the beginning make an effort to do so before bed and let the stress of the day leave you for a restful night’s sleep.

A good nutritious breakfast has also been shown to be important. The reason for this is that most people who eat breakfast weigh less than those who skip it. It will also stop you from sneaking toxin and chemical filled junk on the way to work.

A healthy breakfast contains enough protein to stop you being hungry until lunch time. Consider choosing tea over coffee since it also has caffeine but also has anti-oxidative properties.

Tea comes in thousands of varieties so consider visiting a tea shop to try a few out and see if you can find blends for morning, daytime, and nighttime. Three cups of tea per day is a real minimum to get the benefits of drinking tea.

While you’re out during the day try not to remain seated for more than 2 hours. It’s been shown that sitting for more than 2 hours at a time decreases circulation and increases blood pressure.

Both of these things are detrimental to aging well so even if you’re stuck at a cubicle stand up and stretch, walk to the bathroom, or simply get a glass of water every 2 hours. Make sure you’re hydrated throughout your day with the minimum 8 glasses of water (or tea) for your skin.

Quick tip :

Tea and coffee stain teeth over time which adds to the appearance of being aged so have a water close by to rinse with your beverage and brush thoroughly.

Your food intake for the day should be at clean as possible. Consider looking into whole foods diets such as Paleo, Juicing, or Plant Strong, since these are simple to follow and will give you the basics of how to cut out processed and toxin filled junk.

Most of these diets are not expensive despite what you may think and you might actually find yourself saving money as well as losing weight. Whole foods are good because they’re often much more filling than junk and because they’re rich in all the anti-aging nutrients you could possibly need.

In fact, if you’re using a food tracker simply eating cleaner may mean you won’t even need a multivitamin or some anti-aging supplements (like highdose Vitamin C). If at all possible get your nutrients from your food, they’re better quality and much easier for the body to absorb than the pharmaceutical versions. Remember that calorie restriction is important when it comes to eating well for antiaging.

At the end of your day head home to another nutritious meal but don’t forget to spend time with the people that are important. Being present in your life will make it much more meaningful, what’s the point in living 100 years if you don’t enjoy it?

By being social and present you’ll also get the anti-aging benefits of doing so as well as create better memories for yourself. Consider getting together to do something active as you’ll need to be up and moving at least 30 minutes a day.

If you haven’t yet done your yoga consider looking into partner-yoga or classes together. Partner yoga is an ideal way to bring you closer together too. If possible, try to do this in places of nature. Being around nature has been proven to have a positive impact on the brain.

If you’re going to head to the gym try and find one that has a sauna. The reason for this is that sweating is one of the most efficient ways for your body to get rid of toxins. Cigarette smoke, and sun damage can all age your skin through toxins, but these are quickly sweated out in a sauna.

Studies have shown that by using a sauna regularly you can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles temporarily. As the steam penetrates the skin the pores open up, releasing anything in the cells to the steam. You’ll only need spend 10-20 minutes in there to feel the beneficial effects.

Don’t forget your supplement regime through the day. Many anti-aging supplements need to be taken at specific times or with meals so plan your supplements accordingly and consider getting a pill organizer if you can’t remember them.

When you finally head to bed you’ll want to make sure that you’re moisturizing your skin again. If you didn’t make your 8 glasses of water consider having one before bed to top up what you’ve missed. A hot cup of tea is also an ideal way to relax before bed.

Lavender oil has many anti-aging properties and is also great for relaxation. You can take lavender as a relaxing tea before bed or put a few drops of the oil onto your pillow before going to bed.

The key with being successful in this plan is that you need to be able to fit as many of these things into your daily routine as possible. It’s fairly established that if you can do something for 7 days then it will become a habit so simply trying to do it for that long before saying you can’t is important.

But, above all, if you didn’t make your 8 glasses, haven’t done your yoga, or ate that hamburger – Don’t stress about it! A little slip now and then happens, so let it go and remember that tomorrow is another day.


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